Without Exception is working to bring together diverse voices and industry leaders to address the lack of diversity, equality and inclusion within the UK music festival industry.

By working with those who are directly affected by non-inclusive policies and practices, and engaging with festival organisers who are in a position to remove these barriers, we aim to implement practical solutions to enact real, fundamental change within the industry.




Does the UK Music Festival Industry have a Problem with Diversity?

1pm on Wednesday 23 September (closed)

To launch Without Exception, we hosted an online facilitated discussion considering the issues of diversity, equality and inclusion in the UK music festival industry workforce.  We had a great turn out and were really excited to see a broad range of people attending from across the industry, from management to staff, freelancer, contractors, large festivals and small. We heard many thoughts, and suggestions, as well as learning about great actions that are being taken to make changes in our industry. 

We are keen to keep this conversation going, and will post dates for future events shortly. 


Be part of the team who guide and inform our work

We strongly believe that this project will only work if it is guided by individuals and organisations who bring a diverse set of perspectives and experiences. With this in mind, we have developed the model of an Advisory Group to ensure that the needs of a broad range of people are considered throughout our work. This opportunity is open to people of any age or level of work experience.



Get in touch to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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