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Enter your details below if you are interested in speaking on or hosting festival industry panels.

We created this database after seeing a number of panels discussing the festival industry where the industry was being represented by a distinctly non-diverse group of panelists and hosts. We don't think that's good enough, so we decided we'd challenge this by creating a database full of diverse festival professionals who would love to share their expertise with the rest of the industry!

If that sounds like you, pop your details below and we'll keep you posted on any speaking or hosting opportunities we hear about.

To be clear, we won't be sharing your details with anyone else. We'll simply be sharing opportunities we hear about with you, including information on how to apply if you're interested.

Are you interested in hearing about unpaid opportunities?
Are you happy for us to contact you about the other work we are doing to make the festival industry more inclusive?

Thanks for submitting!

Diverse Speakers Database: Testimonial Form
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